One of the biggest and the hardest decisions you need to make for your newborn child is to choose the best pediatrician. Before you go ahead and make a choice, take a few minutes and learn about pediatrics and what a pediatrician does.

Pediatrics is a branch of medical science that deals with the medical care/ treatment of infants and children. A trained medical doctor in pediatrics is called as a Pediatrician. The words pediatrics and pediatrician are derived from Greek words, which mean – “The healer of children.”

A pediatrician treats and helps manage various physical and mental health ailments in children. They manage the overall health of your child which includes their social behavior as well. Pediatricians are well trained to diagnose and effectively treat minor childhood illnesses to severe diseases. They thoroughly analyze the child’s health and provide treatment using medications or vaccinates, helping them recover quickly.

Friends Eye and Child Care Centre has Dr. Ritu Gupta, a Child Specialist as the head of the Pediatrics Department. We understand that your child is precious and we work to keep them healthy.

Pediatrics Department – What do we do?

A pediatrician examines your child a few times from the time of birth till the time he/she attains the age of 2 years. Post that, parents are suggested to take their kids once a year for a “well-child visit.” After the age of 5, the pediatrician might see your child during annual health checkups or when they are unwell. A pediatrician is the “doctor” you need to contact when your child is unwell.

To ensure good health of your child, a pediatrician will,

  • Conduct physical examination
  • Suggest or administer child vaccinations
  • Checks if the child has met the milestones related to growth, skills, and behavior
  • Diagnose and effectively treat the injuries, illnesses or other health issues of the child
  • Provide information about the overall health of the child to the parent, along with educating them about his/her fitness and nutrition needs.
  • Refer parents to a specialist if the child needs extra care