Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Dr. Amit Gupta has been trained in Pediatric ophthalmology in RP Centre AIIMS, He has been managing vision problems and other pediatric problems for 20 years. He is incharge of pediatric ophthalmology at Eye7 group of Centres

Choose the best doctor for your children – Always

Like adults, children, too, need good care of their eyes. Their eyes are much different when compared to adults, the disorders and their visual needs to differ. The eye-brain coordination is not completely mature in kids, and this is one of the reasons why vision disorders in kids need extra care.

Symptoms and Signs Vision Problem in Kids

Most children who have a problem with their vision start showing symptoms at an early stage. Some of the signs you need to look for are mentioned below.

  • Problem reading and copying from the board can indicate poor vision in kids.
  • Misalignment of the eyes.
  • Frequent watering from eyes, headaches and red-eye
  • Rubbing of the yes
  • Frequent eye infections

If there is a family history of eye infections or refractive errors, it is important to get an eye test done. Any visual disorder, if diagnosed early can be treated effectively at Friends Eye & Childcare Centre.

The Best Eye Care Centre for Children

Friends Eye and Child Care Centre is one of the best clinics in Delhi, which understands that good and proper sight is important for the emotional and physical development of a child. We work with top pediatric ophthalmologists who are well trained and licensed and know how to make a child comfortable during an eye exam or treatment.

We wish to keep the kids comfortable and treat them with utmost love and care and hence, make sure that the environment in the pediatric department is relaxed. This way we make sure the eye checkup of your young one is trouble-free. Friends Eye and Child Care Centre believes in professional integrity and provides services at the most affordable rates.

Special Tests and Services for Children

Our team at Friends Eye and Child Care Centre understands that every child is unique and needs nurturing and care. Our eye care professionals are always happy to team up with parents and organizations to provide the best eye care for children. The state of the art technology in children’s vision care is combined with compassion and empathy. The services and the eye tests that are provided here are,

  • Assessment of vision and refraction
  • Squint assessment
  • Tests to evaluate binocular vision
  • Amblyopia therapy
  • Eye exercise to help stimulate the eye muscles
  • Treatment for allergies and infections
  • Trauma services
  • Low vision aidsand glasses
  • Surgical management of “childhood and congenital disorders.”

Dr. Amit Gupta has performed a number of surgeries at Friends Eye, and Child Care Centre and some of them are,

  • Intraocular lasers for RoP
  • Ptosis surgeries
  • Complex and straightforward squint surgeries
  • Phacoemulsification using an intraocular lens with and without posterior capsulorhexis and vitrectomy

Friends Eye and Child Care Centre, Delhi is the best Centre that has an excellent success rate in corneal transplants in children and for common surgeries like curettage and more. We also provide support, counseling, and visual rehabilitation, providing all the help a child and their parents might need.