Low Vision Sids

Low vision aids

Friends Eye and Childcare Centre has started a low vision clinic in association with Sohum low vision Aids of Calcutta. We have a maximum inventory of low vision aids in the capital.

Low vision or impaired vision is a condition that cannot get corrected using surgery or glasses or via medication. One of the reasons for low vision is macular degeneration which is an age-related disease. The other causes include cataracts, diabetes or glaucoma.

Low vision can affect people in a different way, and hence it is important for an ophthalmologist to look beyond the regular eye treatment options.

The Assessment

A visit to our clinic’s low vision specialty will start with a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition. It includes:

Low Vision Assessment – Our medical expert will talk with you to understand how low vision has been affecting you and for how long.

Vision Exam – You might have undergone an eye check-up earlier, but at our clinic our patients are recommended to undergo a very refined vision examination. Such an extended exam will help us find a low vision device that can help you view with clarity.

Follow Up – A follow – up with our ophthalmologist is a must as you will be trained under a therapist to use the low vision aids effectively.

Low Vision Aids

Our low vision clinic provides you with an insight into how these devices can help you fight your vision issues. You get to understand more about how the devices work, learn a few tips to help you use these with ease.

Magnifiers – These are the devices that can be handheld or can be mounted on the eyeglasses for use. A few people prefer wearing these around their neck or place them on a headband. There are various models of these available that improve magnification.

Telescope – There are telescopes available in different sizes and many people suffering from low vision often use mini telescope or binoculars which can be worn as eyeglasses too. These come in handy when you view objects that are at a distance.

Special Eyeglasses – Some eyeglasses are specially made for people with low vision. These are stronger when compared to the regular bifocal glasses and help you with clear vision.

Electronic Technology – There are a wide variety of technologically advanced vision aids available today. Some of them like video reading systems can enlarge the text by more than 50 times. People also telescope spectacles with autofocus and more.

Reading has always been a challenging task for people suffering from low vision. With the help of low vision aids, they can not only read better but enjoy a much clear vision, without much trouble.

Contact us today to know how low vision devices can be of help. These are rewarding for people suffering from tunnel vision, macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa, and other vision conditions.