5 Facts About Glaucoma That Can Save Your Vision

5 Facts about Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness around the world. At least 3 million Americans are impacted by this eye-disorder. How does the eye retain a healthy vision? The eye must regulate a sufficient amount of pressure on the optic nerve. This happens when the excess fluid is drained out.

Glaucoma is a condition wherein the eye is unable to maintain optimal pressure. This is mainly because it loses the capacity to drain out aqueous fluids in an optimal manner. Hence, eye-pressure increases. This increased pressure causes irreversible damage to your optic nerve. Damage to the optic nerve can impact your sight leading to permanent vision loss or blindness. You need to keep yourself warned about some of the facts of Glaucoma. Earlier detection can reduce the damage to a considerable extent.

List of Facts About Glaucoma that Can Save Your Vision:

May not get warning signs

Glaucoma often develops as a condition that goes unnoticed most of the time. Hence this disorder is perceived as the ‘thief of sight.’ In other words, you get no early symptoms or warning signs. When you undergo vision loss associated with glaucoma, it can be a slow and gradual process. The peripheral vision is impacted. You can firmly say that anyone can be susceptible to this deadly disorder – starting from babies up until seniors. How do you then detect the formation of glaucoma? You need to get your eyes tested via an ophthalmologist or optometrist regularly.

Learn The Risk Factors – Experience about Glaucoma

These are some of the major risk-factors for you that can increase your risk for glaucoma. Do you know what these are? The points are bulleted here, for an easier degree of understanding.

  • Are you 60 years or above? Then, you can consider your aging factor as one of the risks associated with the same.
  • Do you have a family history of glaucoma? Yes, then the hereditary factor can be a potential risk for this.
  • Geographical ethnicity does play a role in frequent incidences of glaucoma. Asian, African American or Hispanic descent fall at greater risk over developing glaucoma.
  • Do you have diabetes? Then yes, you are at a higher risk of developing glaucoma.
  • Steroid users stand a chance of developing this disorder.
  • Did you have a previous eye-injury? Then yes, you stand a chance.

If you are 35years and above, you fit into the high-risk category of developing glaucoma. It is highly recommended that you have a comprehensive eye examination done every two years or so. You can get in touch with a renowned low vision specialist near your neighborhood.

Fact about Glaucoma that Can Lead to Serious Vision Loss

As stated in the introductory paragraph, this is something that gets re-iterated throughout the entire article. Glaucoma can lead to a pertinent vision loss that is irreversible. In other words, you would not be able to correct it with corrective glasses or lenses. That is the reason why earlier detection of glaucoma is the only solution from you being a victim of permanent vision loss. As you had already seen at the beginning, this disorder contributes to complete darkness or blindness.

But once you detect the progression of the eye disease at the earlier stages, you have several treatment options. Thereby, you can maintain the right kind of pressure in the eye.

How does the treatment facilitate itself? The excessive aqueous fluids are drained out from your eye region. This way, the ocular pressure is kept in check., so that the optic nerve doesn’t get damaged.

How does the detection happen?

You can get in touch with one of the best eye surgeons in Delhi. Do you want to understand how the disorder is detected? Here goes the explanation of the same.

Your ophthalmologist will completely dilate your eyes. It is then that the fully dilated eye-examination is done. This way, the eye doctor can view your optic nerve more closely. Then comes a test to access the pressure of your eye. This test is called tonometry. The pressure of your eye is detected or tested using a puff of air. The low-eye specialist then measures the thickness of your cornea. He/she also measures the angle at which the iris meets the cornea. This way, the doctor detects the progression of glaucoma. It is also important for you to disclose these details:

  • A family history: you need to give details of any family member who has previously been diagnosed with glaucoma.
  • Have you suffered from any other form of eye-disease? You need to provide your doctor with comprehensive details of the same.
  • Your list of medications can include the consumption of steroids or high-density drugs. This way, your eye-doctor can investigate if you are at a higher risk of developing glaucoma or not.

List of treatment options available – experience about glaucoma

You don’t have initial symptoms or warning signs with respect to glaucoma, as said before. It is your routine eye check-ups that are going to disclose the disorder. As glaucoma can impact anyone and you have limited warning signals to diagnose the same, you need to keep track of this. You need to completely co-operate with the eye-doctor with respect to following the guidelines. You do not have a complete cure for glaucoma. But with earlier detection, you can slow down the progression of the disease. And thereby prevent irreversible damages to the optic nerve. Advancements in ophthalmology have led several clinics and eye-care centers to come up with a myriad range of treatment options. What are the commonly available treatment options?

These are – Truths About Glaucoma
  • Usage of eye-drops. Please use the ones as prescribed by your optician. It isn’t a wise idea to go with OTC (Over the counter) drugs.
  • Laser treatments: you can go with the one that is compatibly priced. Else if your doctor suggests painless invasive options, you can go in for these.
  • Surgical treatments involve shunts, stents, or valves.

These are the 5 facts about glaucoma that can save your vision. You can keep the guide as a handy one to have an earlier detection done. If you are worried about low vision or witness any symptoms, do book an appointment with Friends Eye & Childcare Centre right away!

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